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Making biogas an accessible and reliable investment

Unique scalability: invest in optimal pace

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Unmatched scalability

Go to full implementation in desired pace by investing gradually

Start small to enable economies of scale in a low-risk manner

How? Just install a new reactor (or replace your current one) in a day

Production is halted for a much shorter time than traditionally – if at all

We help you with optimization and planning

We offer the service of a 3–6 month demonstration installation

––> Unparalleled options and control

We give you the possibility to invest gradually

Start small, benefit from learning periods
Often it is smart to start small and then grow at a controlled pace rather than to expose oneself to the costs, risks and practical difficulties associated with going directly to full implementation. Prefabrication, customization and short installation times give our reactors a unique scalability that makes them very well suited for such a fine-tuned, gradual implementation, especially with the planning and optimization help of our local support experts. During the time between installations you test our systems, learn about them first-hand and gather information useful for the continued implementation. Thus, risks are dramatically reduced. And since we make scale-up quick and easy, very little time of enjoying scale economies is lost.

Grow beyond original full-scale implementation
If full-scale production later is going well and you want to become an even bigger biogas producer than originally planned, our reactors help you scale up easily and quickly. Adding and connecting another reactor can be done in a day – there is no need for bringing in constructors for a long time. And the need to halt existing biogas production is always very short or even non-existent.

Rapid response
Our reactors also make it possible to react rapidly to increases in organic waste amounts. Just add a reactor or replace your current one with a bigger (having two reactors rather than one very large, however, lends even more resilience to your biogas production – an advantage that is hardly as feasible with other reactor types).

Resell value
If the reactors we supply eventually no longer are needed or if the space they take up is required, they can quickly and easily be removed and sold to someone else, either by yourself or by us. With a traditional reactor design an operation like this would be difficult, if not prohibitively expensive.

In short, the unique scalability of our reactors gives you all the options you need.

BONUS: Governmental crisis response
The quick and easy installations of our reactors and their ability to swiftly be deployed on large scale enable governments or other organizations to hastily restore power to regions or cities struck by disasters.

Demonstration installation

  • 100 m3
  • 3–6 months
  • Thorough evaluation
  • Informed planning of your full-scale implementation
  • Lowers your risk and enhances performance
  • Unique in the industry

As a rare exception in the biogas industry, we offer the service of a demonstration installation. By quickly installing and helping you run a 100 m3 reactor for 3–6 months, we enable you to base your further investment decisions on facts rather than guesstimates.

The service entails installation as well as training of your personnel. The most important part, however, is the ongoing analysis and optimization and the evaluation we do together with you. There we see if there is anything we can tweak to enhance productivity, and by doing a meticulous cost-benefit analysis we help you determine how best to reach full-scale implementation.

If for some reason you are not satisfied at the end of the demonstration, the reactor can easily be removed.

Please contact us to learn more about the demonstration installation. You can also read more on our FAQ and calculate your reactor size to get a preview of your needs.