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Making biogas an accessible and reliable investment


We work closely together with
the University of Borås.

3D drawing software is an integral part of our R&D activities.

We always strive to expand our R&D networks further.

In need of lab equipment? Why not conduct research with our lab-scale reactors?

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Worldwide research and development is the backbone of our products

FOV Biogas is a knowledge-based company. We are constantly conducting R&D together with leading universities worldwide.

The University of Borås in Sweden is our main partner and the base for our global research. It offers support to any university that wishes to collaborate in our efforts. Current research projects in Borås include:

Rapid digestion. Aims at reducing the retention time and thereby make the process more productive.

Dry digestion. A digestion process where practically no added water is needed would be very useful. Productivity would be increased and the process would become less sensitive to temperature variations.

Membrane bioreactors. This up-and-coming reactor design will be especially useful for very fluid substrates with low nutrient content. Membranes in the reactor hinder microbacteria from being flushed out, thus increasing their numbers.

A new system for using sludge from wastewater plants. This research aims to develop a method whereby the substrate from wastewater plants is collected considerably earlier in the purification process. This would greatly cut costs and increase productivity.

New pretreatment methods to further enhance productivity.

Other reactor designs and developments, including research using computer simulation and modelling.

One of our pilot reactors.

One of our pilot reactors.

In cooperation with universities in São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Curitiba, Blumenau and Natal we conduct research on different substrates, for example from municipality organic waste, industrial organic waste, sludge from wastewater plants, and different manures. We also conduct research on different substrates together with the University of Da Nang and Saigon University. Together, we look at rice substrates, fishery substrates and various manures, as well as sludge from natural rubber, fisheries and wastewater. With the University of Lagos we conduct research on different manures and residues from the agricultural sector. At Gadjah Mada University in Yogyakarta, Indonesia, we conduct research on household waste, waste from fruit markets, different manures and residues from palm oil cultivation.

For more examples of our research efforts, see our senior scientist Mohammad Taherzadeh’s blog Waste Biorefining and the research initiative Waste Recovery in Borås – International Partnership, of which we are a part.

Recent R&D news: