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Making biogas an accessible and reliable investment

Mission & overview

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The mission of FOV Biogas is to make biogas technology an accessible and reliable investment for as many people and organizations as possible.

Rethinking biogas technology with advanced fabrics

The sizes of our biogas reactors
range from a couple of m3 to thousands.

A small version of our latest, cylindrical reactor model (with one possible rodent protection solution).

50 m3 reactor for sugar industry in India.

Small-scale reactor with a volume of 10 m3.

is our foundation

Reimagining designs, reassessing R&D and reevaluating services – we never settle for traditional ways of producing biogas, especially when convention is the only argument for doing so.

This attitude is quickly making us the world’s new biogas leader.

We create new solutions to waste and energy problems, and we aim to make these innovations accessible to as many people and organizations as possible. With advanced fabrics, expert local support and global research, we build cost-effective biogas systems that let profits, development and environmental efforts go hand in hand. Our new breed of biogas reactors has been developed by our engineers together with universities worldwide. The reactors’ high-tech textiles and sophisticated polymers make them reliable investments with short payback times.

A new take on biogas production

Our biogas systems
Traditional biogas systems
Durable & flexible –> Reliable production.
Often low –> Prone to costly shutdowns.

Local. Quick. University ties. Included.
Simply non-existing, more often than not.

Gradual. Easy. Based on produciton data.
In most cases viable scale-up is impossible.

Reliable investments. Payback times 1–2 years.
Risky. Payback times 7–12 years.

More than just selling biogas reactors, our business is to provide a service: reliable biogas production. Instead of being satisfied once the sale is completed, we take responsibility for the whole lifetime of the reactor.

We also make it easy to scale up production. By industrially prefabricating and customizing our reactors (and thereby making them easy to transport and install), we let you invest gradually and benefit from learning periods while still being able to realize scale economies. Our company film gives a good feel for the service we offer:

Our hometown of Borås is Sweden’s long-leading textile center. Not least thanks to the company of our origins, FOV Fabrics, and our colleagues at the University of Borås, the city has transitioned from traditional textile production to high-tech function materials. FOV Biogas is proud to continue this tradition and to expand the textile industry’s accumulated know-how into yet another field where the power of advanced fabrics will do much good.

We are

…Swedish cleantech, globally

…innovating for cost effectiveness

…always providing local expertize

…part of worldwide R&D efforts

To supply our Swedish cleantech globally, we do extensive R&D all over the world – together with the University of Borås we collaborate with universities in Europe, Southeast Asia, India, Africa and South America. Our biogas systems usually generate a lot of interest – but also questions. Please see our FAQ for answers to the ten most common. Our concept animation fills in some more details: