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Making biogas an accessible and reliable investment

Highest quality: advanced fabrics material

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Cutting-edge reactor material made of advanced fabrics

Lightweight, flexible – Durable, strong
Customizable – Industrially prefabricated
2–1000 m3 – Always cost effective

Having our roots in long-time global textile innovator FOV Fabrics (maker of the original airbag material, for example), we decided to use our expertize to transform the biogas industry. This by developing an advanced fabrics material made of high-tech textiles and sophisticated polymers. Our goal was to make the above seemingly unwilling word combinations get along great. After extensive research and development, the material fulfilled everything we had in mind*.

Using the highest quality ensures reliable production

Our high-tech fabrics material is lightweight, flexible, leakproof and resistant to all kinds of external forcings.

Our material is strong and durable at the same time as it is lightweight and flexible. Furthermore, it enables us to prefabricate our reactors (with the help of 3D drawing and other advanced production technologies). This lowers costs, dramatically shortens installation times and makes scale-up much easier. It also simplifies distribution and storage. The most important result, however, is the long lifetimes our unique advanced-fabrics material lends our biogas reactors. By making them withstand typical problems such as sun exposure and other kinds of regular wear and tear, plus rare but major disturbances such as earthquakes, it ensures that your investment results in more than 10 years of cost-effective, reliable production.