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Making biogas an accessible and reliable investment

Cost effectiveness: reliable investments

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Remarkable advantages no matter the reactor size

The sizes of our biogas reactors
range from a couple of m3 to thousands

A small version of our latest, cylindrical reactor model (with one possible rodent protection solution).

50 m3 reactor for sugar industry in India.

Small-scale reactor with a volume of 10 m3.

What we offer is not only a great way to handle your waste and energy problems and reduce your environmental impact; it is also a reliable investment that you can feel secure with. Under Biogas calculator you can get a better idea of which reactor size would be best for you. Please also note that we offer the industry-rare service of a fully supported demonstration installation, which gives you a learning period so that you can plan and execute your implementation in a much more informed manner.

Three ultimate and three underlying factors for our cost effectiveness


The reliable investments we offer are built upon quality, support and scalability. Certain factors resulting from these properties deserve to be repeated, since they are the most important reasons for the cost effectiveness of our biogas systems: reliable production, lifetimes of more than a decade, and the possibility to invest gradually.

To these there are three underlying factors. The most important, of course, is our advanced fabrics material, which in turn depends upon the industrialized prefabrication process. Of almost equal importance, however, is the included planning and optimization help that you get with your investment. (The easy distribution and storage enabled by our material also contribute.)

Our unmatched cost effectiveness means that rather than the traditional 7–12 years before your investment has paid itself back, your investment in a FOV Biogas reactor will have broken even already after 1–2 years.

A new take on biogas production

Our biogas systems
Traditional biogas systems
Durable & flexible –> Reliable production.
Often low –> Prone to costly shutdowns.

Local. Quick. University ties. Included.
Simply non-existing, more often than not.

Gradual. Easy. Based on produciton data.
In most cases viable scale-up is impossible.

Reliable investments. Payback times 1–2 years.
Risky. Payback times 7–12 years.

We make sure that your business case is the best possible

We work on a case-by-case basis to provide a service together with the product. To make sure that you end up with the best possible business case, our local support experts consult with you and analyze your situation extensively. This includes hard work to ensure that that our solutions do more than just cut waste-handling costs and replace current energy sources. Additional benefits can stem from becoming a biogas retailer, enhancing other investments, partaking in carbon credits or offsetting programs, or partnering with nearby businesses or local authorities. And it is very common to benefit from the process leftover (digestate), a high-grade organic fertilizer. If for some reason you no longer want to produce biogas, reselling is very viable; our reactors come with low risk attached since they are nearly portable.

You know what’s best for your business, organization or household, and we use our expertise and experience to help you realize it.