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Making biogas an accessible and reliable investment

The most cost-effective biogas systems on the market

We create customized biogas solutions to waste and energy problems. Our advanced-fabrics reactors offer reliable biogas production for more than a decade, with payback times often shorter than two years and scale-up as quickly as in a day.

We offer industrially prefabricated biogas reactors designed for reliable production.
The reactors are extensively tested to ensure the highest possible quality: age-testing, UV testing, tear testing, pressure testing etc.
Our dedicated reactor material is the future of biogas production.
Our reactors come in sizes ranging from a couple of cubic meters to thousands, making both customizations and timely scale-ups simple.
The reactor material allows us to customize your reactor to your exact needs.
We harness the power of advanced production technology and high-tech textiles to make biogas production reliable and accessible.
We conduct worldwide research & development in order to maximize expertize and to optimize production for all kinds of substrate idiosyncrasies.
For background: watch our concept animation and read a bit about our history.

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We are rethinking biogas technology – we reimagine designs, reassess R&D and reevaluate services.